Length : 5.8ft 
Rod weight : ±58g
Material : carbon+glass



A swell bat type rod that is said to be one of the famous rods of the good old days. Overcoming many difficulties, it will be a rod with a modern arrangement. The base material is carbon, and the problematic butt part is wrapped with glass to add stickiness and strength.

The length is 5.8 feet (actual length from the top guide to the end of the ferrule 1535 mm), and the weight is 58 g ±, so it is not a light rod because it has a swell bat part, but since there is a weight balance near the grip, it has a lot of weight. It is a rod that does not make you feel. Since it is a rod that prioritizes the strength of the bat over the weight, it is good at casting with liner characteristics, and it is a powerful setting that can aim at the back of the overhang.

ninolo swell 5.8

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