Length : ± 110mm (wood body)
Weight : ± 23g

ラトルを内蔵したクロタラスシリーズ、TORUT 110。 ワンノッカータイプのペンシルベイト。ラトル兼ウエイトをかねたステンレス球が奏でる甲高い音が特徴。

音の増幅を得るために可動域の広いウエイトルームを内蔵。そのため動かすのに若干の慣れが必要となってきますが、ルアーを操る楽しさを思い出させてくれる様なプラグ。 特に110ミリモデルは幅の広いスケートやダイブなど、アクションの幅がとても広い設定となっています。

TORUT 110, a crotalus series with a built-in rattle. One knocker type pencil bait. It features a high-pitched sound played by a stainless steel ball that doubles as a rattle and weight.

Built-in weight room with wide range of motion to obtain sound amplification. Therefore, it takes some getting used to to move it, but it is a plug that reminds me of the fun of operating a lure. In particular, the 110mm model has a very wide range of actions such as wide skating and diving.