CODRI Joint Minnow

Length : ± 100mm (wood body)
Weight : ± 23g

大きなヘッド形状が特徴のダータープラグ。 ジャンル分けをするならばダーターとなるが、巻いて釣る事をメインに考えたプラグでもある。ポップ音やダートアクションで存在をアピールし、その場から逃げるようなライブリーアクションで食わせるといった感じであろうか。


A darter plug featuring a large head shape. If you divide it into genres, it will be a dirter, but it is also a plug that mainly considers winding and fishing. Is it a feeling that you can appeal your existence with pop sounds and dirt actions, and eat it with lively actions that escape from the place?

The joint minnow will be an evolved version of it. The tail with nothing attached has less resistance and is lighter, so it moves lustrously due to the water flow generated by the head part. The effect of this tail is also great because there are many bites in the pose from the dirt action.